Marijuana for Medical Professionals Conference 2 - November 14th, 15th and 16th, 2016

Inbal Sikorin RN

Clinical Nursing Director, Tikun-Olam, Israel

Inbal Sikorin RN

Clinical Nursing Director, Tikun-Olam, Israel


Inbal Sorikin, RN, Career Milestones:

Initiation and foundation of a groundbreaking Medical Cannabis program

for the elderly with Tikun Olam; Medical Cannabis company in Hadarim

2011 – An experimental government national treatment course for the instruction of

medical cannabis for patients.

2011 Establishment of patient guidance and care with Tikun Olam Treatment Clinic.

Treating and counseling thousands of patients in Tikun Olam Clinic.

2012- Leading groundbreaking research of Medical Cannabis as a treatment for the

2012- Creating a standard of treatment as head of Tikun Olam treatment center,

providing protocols of treatment and collecting patient data.

2012- Recruiting nurses for medical cannabis treatment clinic: creating Pediatric

program and general counseling standards.

2014- Presenting Tikum Olam research and accumulated patient data of the Medical

Cannabis Treatment Center in the Israeli National Nurses Seminar.

All session by Inbal Sikorin RN